Don’t Make These Tax Filing Mistakes!

filing taxes in FloridaOne sure fire way to delay your tax refund if you’re due one and potentially cost you money is to make these common mistakes when filing your tax return.

  1. Incorrect Numbers – social security number errors, transferring numbers incorrectly from statements and wrong bank account information for direct deposit.
  2. Wrong Names – misspelled name or name changes resulting from marriage or divorce not reported to the Social Security Administration.
  3. Filing Status Errors –  selecting the wrong filing status can have an impact on your tax liability.
  4. Missed Tax Credit or Deduction – you may pay more than you should or get a reduced refund.
  5. Missing Signature(s) – whether you file a paper return or e-file – your signature is still required and if you’re filing jointly both signatures are needed.
  6. Not Checking Entries Twice – don’t be in a hurry – double check everything.
  7. Missing the Deadline – failing to have your return postmarked by this year’s deadline (which is April 18th) or forgetting to press the submit button on your e-file can cost you in penalties.

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